This Gilbert house fire was restored by Pinnacle Restoration in the year of 2009. The home owner wanted the foot print of the home changed. Also the ceilings are now vaulted, the kitchen is twice as large, the windows are more energy efficient, the cabinets, flooring, and fixtures are all updated and she is ecstatic to have a new modern home.


We received a call on July 14th 2008 after the large monsoon storm hit the Valley over the weekend. The roof had collapsed due to a large microburst and undersized drain pipes on the roof.

The HVAC units had fell through the fire sprinkler lines and flooded the entire school over the weekend. They needed to have everything cleaned up and put back together so they could start school the 3rd week in Aug. It seemed like a unreasonable task for anyone on a project that was 66,000 square feet.

We were able to get our sub-contractors out to the job and worked around the clock to get the job finished on time so the students could start school on time.

Emergency Services

The sooner you call Pinnacle for mitigation services the better chance of minimizing the damage to save both you and your carrier money.